The Fabulous 70s Part 7: The US Junior Invitational 1978

This is the high point in any American junior’s career – the prestigious closed tournament. In 1978 it was in Memphis, TN, hosted by the Little family. There was a distinct undercurrent of East-West hostility that boiled over at the end! Details in another installment.

Here are the players. Hair and clothing styles were certainly …. interesting back then. Click on the image to enlarge it.


How many of them can you name? Quite a few well-known players in this ludicrous tableau. For example, you have two brothers (Paul and Jay Whitehead), can you spot them? GM-to-be Fedorowicz, can’t miss his smiling face. And Yasser Seirawan, dapper as always and Mike Rohde with a very nice outfit.
Coming soon: I will post some classic games from this event.


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