The Fabulous 70s – Photos

Here’s the US Junior Invitational, August 1978, Memphis, TN.


Are you amused? I am. The photo, as you might be able to see, was autographed by the participants running vertically up the pant legs.

From left, we have Thomas Costigan, Jay Whitehead, Yasser Seirawan, Michael Rohde, Paul Whitehead, Steve Odendahl, the author, and the glowering John Fedorowicz. Yasser, Paul, and John wound up tying for first with “+2”. Steve and I followed with an equal score, tied for 4th.

If you can’t get enough of the 1970s, some more 1970s news and photos are available here.

Do you want to crazily jump ahead 2 decades? Here are 1990s photos.


2 Responses to “The Fabulous 70s – Photos”

  1. Jackson Showalter Says:

    Glory days! Thanks for the trip done “anmensia” lane. I SO dug Paul Whitehead’s groovy style back then, and the Yaz was pretty natty too.

    And, its oh so great to see Rohde back in the game again! Man, I bet Naka is still trying to figure out what hit him the other night!

  2. The Fabulous 70s - The 1978 US Junior Invitational « IM Mark Ginsburg Presents A Personal Chess History Says:

    […] The players’ photo can be found here. […]

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