Photos Throughout the Ages

Let’s try some Chess PhotoMosaics(TM).

Upper left: GM Lars Bo Hansen, Berlin 1989 (or Naestved 1988, waiting confirmation). Bottom left: Steve Odendahl (left) playing the author in blitz, Mike Wilder observing; probably and almost certainly the Pan-Am Intercollegiates, NYC, 1981. Right: a strange tableau – John Fedorowicz with beachball. Probably sometime in the 1990s, probably NYC. Click to enlarge.


One more:

Upper left: Jeremy Barth (left on phone) and Mark Ginsburg in an action shot, running Chess Nexus, Inc., Upper Manhattan 170th St and Fort Washington Ave., circa 1985. Bottom left: GM Eric Lobron (left) playing Mikhail Braude, year/loc  NY? World Open? Photographer: Bill Hook. Upper right: from l. to r., John Fedorowicz, Andrei Sokolov, and Alexander Ivanov, probably St. Maarten, 1993? Lower right, Mark Ginsburg and Paige Stockley, New Year’s Eve, Schroeder’s, San Francisco, CA 1999. Click to enlarge.



One Response to “Photos Throughout the Ages”

  1. Joshua M. Anderson Says:

    The Lobron – Braude photo is from the 8th round of the 1992 New York Open. The game was a draw.

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