The Fabulous 00s: Ivy League Cavorting Comparison Tables

Name, Age and Undergrad Grad Example Job Postings and Highest Chess Title Earned Humorous Links Cavorting Allegation and Disposition
Eliot L. Spitzer [age 48] Princeton U ’81 Harvard Law Atty General and Governor, NY State, no chess title.  Never won the Manhattan CC  Championship. Spitzer College Prez vs Anarchists Blog
and Heidi Fleiss commenting on Client Number 9 [Spitzer]
Cavorting alleged with high-priced “Kristen” and others in the posh Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC. Suspicious cash transfers noticed by IRS and FBI. Forced to resign as NY Governor, 3/12/08
Mark Ginsburg (age 48, no middle initial) Princeton U ’80 PhD in Information Systems at NYU. Go Violets. Visiting Faculty; UC Berkeley SIMS School and Senior Internet Consultant, JP Morgan; International Master.Won Manhattan CC championship twice.  Won Third Prize in the 1979 Undergraduate Elmer Adler book collecting contest, chief judge was Joyce Carol Oates.
I won with a set of Yugoslav Informants. Puzzling over the symbols such as plus over minus, Oates remarked, “You must be awfully clever. I can’t understand a word of this.” Triumphantly I crowed, “Joyce… the Informants have no words!”Chess Games vs. Jay Bonin
Cavorting alleged with high-priced “Anne Marie” and others at a chess tournament at the posh Players Bar, World Open, Philadelphia. Small amounts of cash changing hands unnoticed by authorities. To sum up, no evidence uncovered to date to support this allegation

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One Response to “The Fabulous 00s: Ivy League Cavorting Comparison Tables”

  1. Granny O'Doul Says:

    “Eliot Laurence Spitzer” = “Unzips rile electorate”

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