How do People Get to My Stuff?

Readers often type search terms into standard Web search engines then click-through to my site.

Let’s see some typical search terms, as reported by my wordpress statistical engine:

March 2008 Part 1

Search Views
nick conticello 3
ehlvest 3
what do you call one russian? a drunk. 2
titanic games 2
ivy league comparison 2
pictures of nyc in the 1980s 2
richard kaner chess 1
chess slav 1
harley dyna built 1
collins kids chess 1

March 2008 Part 2

Search Views
dmitry gurevich 2
mark ginsburg 2
elizabeth fedorowicz 2
fighting dogs 2
chess life 2
chess life larsen 2
elizabeth vicary 2
inna izrailov 2
alan schwartz of bear stearns 1
morozevich asshole 1

Hopefully this strange melange of terms gives you an idea of strange melange of content on this site. A certain je ne sais quoi, wouldn’t you say? Mirabile dictu.

Postscript April 19, 2008.

Some more terms.

Search Views
har-zvi ronen chess 3
r-d1 photos 2
walter shipman chess 1
boorrj 1
judit polgar 1
english opening chess four knights lines 1
counter black pirc 1
mating dogs 1
hedgehog chess 1
aradhyula vaishnav game 1
hedgehog vs dogs 1
ace greenberg jp morgan 1
antique high school photographs 1 1
two dogs 1
3 player chess 1
games cochrane gambit 1
chess cochrane gambit 1
70s font writing 1
strange photographs 1
gggg 1

More Terms April 24, 2008

michael carrubba 3
berlin writing 2
old letters 2
elizabeth vicary chess 2
chess tournaments and chess history 2
mark ginsburg 2
chess oil scam 1
famous pictures from the 1970’s 1
nick conticello 1
mark ginsberg ft lauderdale 1
village chess clubs nyc 1
sowerby bridge high school 1
chess players 1950’s wisconsin 1
kramnik 1
genius “peter winston” 1
“elizabeth vicary” 1
fabulous 70 1
tulsa chess 1
emmanuel perez chess 1
robin spital 1
yasser 1
michael wilder chess 1
bobby fischer 1
dmitri bankers trust chess 1
old chess photos 1
examples of personal letters 1
“andrew karklins” chess 2008 1
“john litvinchuk” 1
wolf shirt 1
1990s pics 1
chess world open2005 1
david hoffner 1
patrick wolf 1
barth andrea 1

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One Response to “How do People Get to My Stuff?”

  1. Elizabeth Smith Says:

    I’m the “Elizabeth Fedorowicz” searcher. A bit embarrassing for my dream to be exposed like this but maybe it’s for the best, given my terminal timidity. John WILL be mine, whatever the number of b*****s I have to step over (or on) to get him. We belong together, like the Harrwitz bishops, the Duke and the Count, the hanging pawn duo.

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