The Fabulous 1840’s: Ben Franklin and Philidor Together!

You Must Have It

Ben Franklin’s essay on chess together with Philidor simul games!  All together in “The Chess Player”, published in 1841, by George Walker, “Teacher”.

A must for the true book collector!

And that’s not all!  Alekhine on the Nottingham 1936 tournament, in Russian!  Edward Lasker’s classic Chess Strategy, 1917, (2nd Ed), a book so bizarre his name is printed Edouard on the inside cover!

Some interesting facts about Edward Lasker:  a) There is controversy if he was actually distantly related to ex-World Champion Emanuel Lasker (source: Edward Winter <— pointed out by ICC’s Naisortep) Edward’s memoirs suggest they are, distantly) and b) Edward invented the breast pump, making him oodles of money!

I am still not clear on exactly how the two Laskers were related – distant cousins?

Take a look at these ueber-rare books.  The collector might salivate, Pavlovian-style.

Chessplayers, Meet Mastercard and Visa

In a true coup de grace, the seller is now equipped with Mastercard and Visa processing!  Let me tell you, this was not easy.  And part of the process was tortuous phone training.

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