The Fabulous 10s: All the Ginsburgs

From the USChess Rating site,

--------  --  ----------  ------ ------ -----------------------
12490706 (NJ) 1989-02-28   Unr    Unr   GINSBURG, ALEX B 
12427342 (AZ) 1990-10-31  1371P   Unr   GINSBURG, BEN 
13138610 (CA) 2006-03-31   471P   459P  GINSBURG, BENJI 
13171016 (RI)  Dupl. ID    744    655P  GINSBURG, DANIEL 
12486555 (RI) 2008-06-30   758    635   GINSBURG, DANIEL 
12887849 (SC) 2006-04-30   612P   610P  GINSBURG, DAVID 
12850468 (NY) 2002-11-30   416P   406P  GINSBURG, DYLAN 
12915462 (MD) 2007-12-31   740    740   GINSBURG, ELIJAH 
12709120 (AZ) 2001-02-28   823    Unr   GINSBURG, ELLIOT 
12893211 (NJ) 2003-07-31  2527P   Unr   GINSBURG, GENNADY 
12783962 (CA) 2000-11-30   880P   Unr   GINSBURG, GRAEME 
13693330 (SC) 2008-04-30   Unr    Unr   GINSBURG, JACOB 
12526368 (MD) 1991-11-30   935    Unr   GINSBURG, JAMES 
20087839 (CA) Non-Member   901    Unr   GINSBURG, JASON 
10270871 (OH) 2011-03-31  2331    Unr   GINSBURG, JEFFREY MARSHALL 
12915461 (MD) 2007-11-30  1059   1045   GINSBURG, JESSE A 
12752216 (CA) Non-Member   658P   Unr   GINSBURG, JOAHUA 
12834327 (IL) 2004-06-30   959    961   GINSBURG, JOEY E 
12173960 (CA) 1988-02-29  1614    Unr   GINSBURG, JONATHAN 
14075233 (NJ) 2009-11-30   101P   101P  GINSBURG, JORDAN 
12849259 (MO) 2008-01-31   649    546P  GINSBURG, JOSH A 
20018146 (CO) Non-Member  1079    Unr   GINSBURG, KATE 
12433030 (AZ) 1986-02-28   Unr    Unr   GINSBURG MD, LEON J 
12854815 (CA) 2003-01-31  1008P   Unr   GINSBURG, LEONARD M 
12781372 (SC) 2003-12-31  1248    Unr   GINSBURG, LEVI 
12947965 (MD) 2007-12-31   241    240   GINSBURG, LILA M 
13744028 (RI) 2008-08-31   100P   Unr   GINSBURG, LILY 
12854816 (CA) 2003-01-31   866P   Unr   GINSBURG, MARCO H 
10172918 (AZ) Life        2432   2416P  GINSBURG, MARK 
10270898 (OH) 2009-11-30  1408   1456P  GINSBURG, MARSHALL 
12687714 (NY) 1997-09-30   571P   Unr   GINSBURG, MATTANYA 
12455996 (SC) 1989-07-31  1849    Unr   GINSBURG, MILTON 
12857187 (CA) 2003-01-31    *     Unr   GINSBURG, MOLLY M 
12657541 (SC) 2000-10-31  1223    Unr   GINSBURG, MOSHE 
12284700 (PA) 2006-01-31   Unr    Unr   GINSBURG, SIDNEY 
11368115 (CA) 1986-12-31  1951    Unr   GINSBURG, STEPHEN 
12684511 (SC) 2009-05-31  1199   1181P  GINSBURG, YAKOV 

A note on etymology: Gins is derivated from Ganz – German word for Goose. Burg can be a fortified castle (usually with a moat) or a small village. Not a “mountain” as in “iceberg” – “berg” is different. Thus – Geese in a moat that surrounds a castle, or geese in a tiny village.

Depressing Postscript

I was rated 2578 in 1993.

Humorous Post-Postscript

ChessBase has a bunch of games under my name I did not play – they are mostly Midwestern encounters courtesy of Jeff Ginsburg.  GM Gennady Ginsburg came out of nowhere (Jersey!!) and has given me new motivation. I know he’s played in Bundesliga games.

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3 Responses to “The Fabulous 10s: All the Ginsburgs”

  1. Ron Young Says:

    You’re to thank, sort of, for the first time I made 2400 uscf. You went 4-0 in one of Steve Immitt’s 4RGT’s but they rated the event as some other Ginsburg, not even a Mark or an M, rated 1500 from Iowa, winning. Then they “corrected” it but they did it by hand, so I got corrected from about 2339 to 2201, because my name was next on the wallchart to someone rated that who you had played (in other words, I didn’t even play you, let alone the 1500 from Iowa). But after receiving Steve Immitt’s six-page letter titled “Re: Brutal rating miscalculation” they just added the 130-odd points to where I was by then, which was about 2270 because I was playing all the time and it’s easy to gain points after they take 130 away from you, just by playing.

    Maybe this tournament is why I went down from 2578.

  2. Dana Mackenzie Says:

    Have you ever played any of the other Ginsburgs?

    At one point I did a search on the Internet for games between identically named people. I was hoping to find a Larry Evans vs. Larry Evans game, but unfortunately they apparently never played against each other. Also no Robert Fischer vs. Robert Fischer games turned up. The best thing I could find was Milan Vidmar Sr. vs. Milan Vidmar Jr. Do you know of any other examples?

    A) I never played any other Ginsburg but am looking forward to playing this upstart Gennadi. Many Jeffrey losses are “credited” to me in ChessBase.
    B) I lived downstairs from Larry D. Evans on W 74 St. in NYC and GM Larry Evans, holed up in Sparks, NV and inactive, never tangled with IM Larry D. Evans (also pretty much inactive).
    C) I witnessed numerous of Dragon blitz games at the Mechanics Institute Chess Club between Whitehead and Whitehead (Paul and Jay) in 1974.

  3. dana blogs chess » Team Mackenzie Says:

    […] Mark Ginsburg had a post in his blog with the USCF ratings of everybody named Ginsburg. It was a pretty strong group, featuring a GM […]

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