The Fabulous 10s: Somebody posts as me

I had the unpleasant experience today of reading multiple posts ascribed to me, but were not written by me.

The site is USCL Blogspot and I get the sense that it’s moderated, but clearly not too carefully.

Here is an example of  the imposter’s post at


This post was basically part of a silly USCL Game of the Week Debate.

Notice the imposter’s attempt to imitate my “fantastic” writing style. 🙂   But his ending (last sentence) is too strident.

Anonymous Mark Ginsburg said…
I do not question a player’s choice to play an inferior or speculative line feeling that it may give him the most likely chance of achieving victory. Some of the best in the world have done so before.  

But when a player uncorks a fair lemon (4. g4?) and succeeds due to his opponent’s failure to take the appropriate measures to punish him, that does not make the game worthy of receiving a prize. One can praise the player’s tenacity and fighting spirit as much as they wish, but it does not alter the facts.

This is my final post on this subject. Reality is reality no matter how many wish to try to distort it.

Here’s another fake-me post.

Mark Ginsburg said…

4. g4 IS a blunder – this is not just my theory, it has been shown in countless games. No matter what the result of the game happened to be when players trade errors this it casts a cloud of doubt upon the whole affair. Those who are saying otherwise, what is YOUR evidence, as the database and engines support my conclusions. 

Giveaway that it’s an imposter:  the use of the dreaded CAPS LOCK to make a “point”.

I have to object to people using my name to submit their own opinions. It was probably some New Englander posting fake stuff in order to attack it!   The USCL GOTW really brings all kinds out of the woodwork.  I think there’s also a fake Yaacov Norowitz posting there!

Postscript:   the USCL is now aware of the issue, which is good!


PPS:  the USCL went ahead and deleted the fake-me posts.  However, they left the anonymous attacks on me that resulted from the fake posts.  As hard as this is to fathom, the fake posters (using similar grammar to personal e-mails I received from New England IP numbers) did so in order to attack … themselves… to build themselves up! Now the site contains GM Erenburg defending himself against absurdity plus a bunch of scattered anonymous attacks on me, minus my original fake posts.  Good times. 🙂


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3 Responses to “The Fabulous 10s: Somebody posts as me”

  1. Arun Sharma Says:

    What precisely do you expect me to do to “moderate the blog more carefully”? There are tons of posts there as you can see – every time someone comments and signs a name, am I supposed to track the person in question down and ensure that it’s actually them?? Perhaps not allowing any comments would be a more prudent choice (as this incident shows), but short of that, really at a loss as to what you expect me to do to stop this from happening in the future…

    I’m surprised we even have this problem. I would not expect people to sign other people’s names. Having said that, the GOTW fake post debacle involved some personalities from the New England area (because I received anonymized e-mails from the New England area mirroring the “debate” as well as the same personality trying to place an anonymized post on the Az Scorpion blogsite – that blogsite records IP numbers and domain names). If you have access to the IP logs and/or domain names of the posters, you can see if they are coming from New England. That would help you find offendors – especially serial ones – I expect if they did it once, they would do it a lot. I also am guessing there aren’t a lot of these offendors out there. If you don’t have access to the IP logs of the posters in your blog software, then nevermind. In fact, I never noticed this problem before (anonymous attackers are par for the course, but not imposters). Has it been going on for a while? I would need GOTW “historians” to tell me if they’ve noticed imposter posts before.

    PS: I was just informed by a blog admin expert that the GOTW USCL blogsite can tighten up the authentication. Instead of letting the imposter type in any old name, make them use their existing Google or Yahoo accounts (plus passwords). This would make it more annoying for the imposters to go about their business (not impossible of course, but harder).

  2. Leon Says:

    It’s when they’re posing as Sam Sloan that we’ll really start to worry…

  3. ginsfan Says:

    now Esserman has extracted his revenge by posting an irrelevant (to the USCL) win against you on the USCL blog.

    typical class from the BB.

    I think it’s OK that he wants to react against the fake me but too bad no light was shed on the rather innocuous and non-insulting opinion that 4. g4? might be premature.
    I actually gained rating points in that (Mesa) tournament, starting out strong vs GM Izoria, but you wouldn’t know it from this debacle.
    But I did have a fake comeback in the debacle that wasn’t mentioned. Strangely, Esserman’s phone rang (!) a few moves before the end of this Mesa FIDE (yay, forfeit!) International. The fake comeback was dashed, though, because the tournament, while FIDE rated, didn’t follow FIDE rules in this regard. Oh well!

    Last question – off topic – Boston needed to win the match and they were looking good – I thought Zamora played excellently to reach R&B vs R&N with a superior pawn formation against Hungaski. At least a draw for Zamora (all he needed). Is there a narrative somewhere to explain the timeline of his overpressing? Since his game went so long, I am curious if anybody posted a timeline narrative.
    Postscript: I found out that poor Zamora, in his zealous attempts to make a draw, missed a clear win in that game!

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