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The Fabulous 90’s and 00’s: More Photos

January 31, 2008

Here I am playing white in Trinidad 1991 versus a Cuban IM. I think this is Marcel Martinez told me this is IM Jorge Armas, I might need reader’s help here. GM John Fedorowicz is watching. I guess Texaco was a sponsor. The game ended up drawn. The 4 Cuban IMs in this tournament were: Juan Borges (Cuban Champ), Jorge Armas (Cuban Champ), Wilfredo Sariego. and the oldest one of the group, Adelquis Remon. Unfortunately Mr. Remon passed away sometime in the 1990s. Fedorowicz wound up winning; Ilya Gurevich and I were not far behind. When I check on various online databases, none of the Trinidad 1991 games are included! I will have to post some so we can get some record of this funny event which included Kevin Denny (Barbados), and other scrappers.


IM Mark Ginsburg (white) versus a Cuban IM Jorge Armas in Trinidad 1991.  John Fedorowicz is seated next to the players.

And here is Jennie Frenklakh in Las Vegas, 2000. I am pretty sure this was in a little-known kareoke place behind Bally’s hotel.


NM Jennie Frenklakh, Las Vegas, 2000

And now here is dearly departed IM Richard Delaune (left) and GM Alex Ivanov on the right. I don’t know the tournament or year, but I would guess the World Open in the early 1990s.


IM Richard Delaune and GM Alexander Ivanov, World Open? 199x

And here is Patrick Wolff (white) versus Michael Rohde. I would guess either a World Open or a NY Open in the early 1990s.


Patrick Wolff (left, playing black) vs. Michael Rohde, somewhere, sometime.

A brief time warp back to the 80s:

Now for some good solid Soviet footage, let’s jump to GM Josif Dorman, I think this was the Berlin Summer Open 1989. It may have been the NY Open 1988, but the stage looks too nice, so I’ll go with Herr Seppelt’s Berlin Summer Open 1989. This tournament occurred just before the Berlin Wall fell in the fall of 1989.

GM Josif Dorfman (ex-CCCP) – Berlin Summer Open 1989

And what photo collection is complete without oil and gas billionaire, and former World Champion, Anatoly Karpov (pictured with his wife – “wife” is a placeholder; I don’t know her name) and TD Carol Jarecki at St. Maarten, May 1991).


Anatoly Karpov, his wife, and TD Carol Jarecki, St. Maarten, May 1991


Fabulous 90s: More Photos

October 5, 2007

Let’s start off with young Jorge Zamora (now Sammour-Hasbun). I believe this was Needham, MA 1992 – I am in the foreground playing Jorge a skittles game – photograph by Chris Bernstein.


Moving right along, here are two Ivanovs. Alexander Ivanov and the dearly departed Igor Ivanov – I would guess it’s the World Open in some year in the 1990s. Of course it might be the 1980s. 🙂


And now we have GM Jaan Ehlvest with a sharp plaid jacket! Photo by Bill Hook. The site and year are unknown as of this writing.


And now we have a photo with an official caption (bestowed by the photographer, Chris Bernstein): “The Mystical Hertan.” Photo year: 1992.


I believe this photo was probably taken at the Needham, MA tournament. Yes, it’s FM Charlie Hertan! He recently wrote an article in Chess Life magazine about the mysteriously disappeared and presumed dead junior talent Peter Winston. I might “retaliate” someday with a memorial to the known deceased Billy Adam (a junior talent from Syracuse, NY). Billy’s incredibly short, meteoric life was from 1963 to only 1982. He spent his last years in Stony Brook, NY. As a sidenote, I must confess for many years I thought Charlie was an IM. I was *shocked* to see his title as FM in Chess Life.

Boxing News

News update: John Fedorowicz boxed Billy Adam on W 74th Street without training helmets in 1981. John Fedorowicz boxed me a few years later on W 170th Street (with red training helmets).

News postscript: apparently in 1981, Billy Adam’s practice boxing with John Fedorowicz almost turned into a fistfight because I forgot to say “ding” (the end of the round). According to John on Oct 5, 2007, “it became a fistfight when Bill punched me in the month.” He continues, “I ended the fight with a brutal uppercut… you (this author) were laughing.” Good times. 🙂 He adds, “One of your girlfriends uppercut me as well.” I asked who, and he said “Sue”. Ah yes, my Princeton buddy! Sue Kazmaier!!! John adds, “she snapped my head back into a brick wall.” I remember our apartment on W 74 Street and we did have a brick wall, so it’s all coming back!

More Photos

OK moving on. we have the dearly departed IM Victor Frias, photographed March 1994 eating breakfast. Photographer and site unknown as of this writing.


Victor Frias was the referee in the aforementioned Fed-MG boxing match, Washington Heights, Mid 1980s. I will dig up a photo of that classic event.

For something completely different now I present an award I got in 1991 (during my graduation from NYU with an MBA in Stat/Operation Research) from Dr. W. Edwards Deming – considered a Very Important Person in quality control and, as I understand it, revered by the Japanese.  To wit: “The Deming prize was instituted by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers and is awarded each year in Japan to a statistician for contributions to statistical theory.  The Deming prize for application is awarded to a company for improved use of statistical theory in organization, consumer research, design of product and production. “

Dr. Deming was 90 years old when I got the award in May of 1991!   The typo in my handwritten last name did not bother me. 

Dr. Deming passed away a few years after (20 December 1993) I received this accolate. 


An award from Dr. W. Edwards Deming, NYU, 1991.