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The Fabulous 70s Part 1: Maryland Junior Championship

July 19, 2007

In 1974 I played in my first round-robin, the U-21 Maryland State Junior Championship. Although i was only 14, I won easily with the score of 8-1. Here is a representative game versus Frank Teuton, who is still alive and well as ‘Fytinfrank‘ on ICC. Frank raises hell on ICC’s Religion Channel 103. Rumor has it he moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is worth noting that Maryland, a small state, had a lot of good players in this time frame: Steve Odendahl, World-Jr-Champ-to-be Mark Diesen, Larry Kaufman, Larry Gilden, Bob Eberlein, Dave Anderson, and more.

Frank Teuton vs Mark Ginsburg. Maryland Jr. Invitational 1974

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 a6 5. Nc3 Qc7 6. g4!?


Frank puts the game into loony tunes territory at an early stage.

6…Bb4 7. Nde2 Nf6 8. a3 Bc5

An interesting idea to keep the bishop on a nice diagonal.

9. Ng3 9. b4!? is not bad at all.

9…d6 10. Bg2 Nc6 11. O-O b5 12. Re1 Bb7 13. Be3 O-O-O 14. a4? 14. g5 was correct.

14…b4 15. Na2 Ne5?! 15…h5! really hurts white’s fragile formation.

16. h3 Nc4?! 16…h5! is even stronger now.

17. Bg5? Although it leads to a disadvantageous position, 17. Bxc5 is the best chance here.

17…d5! This position is winning for black.


18. e5 Nxe5 19. Bf4 Bd6? Both 19…Ne4! and 19…Bxf2+! 20. Kxf2 Nexg4+ win easily.

20. Nxb4 Nexg4?! 20…Nf3+! is the best move.

21. Nxa6 Qb6 22. Bxd6? 22. Qf3 was the only move to stay in the game.

22…Qxf2+ 23. Kh1 Rxd6 Now it’s all over. Black winds up with four (!) connected passed pawns versus two connected passed pawns, a very unusual pawn structure imbalance!

24. Qf3 Qxf3 25. Bxf3 Nf2+ 26. Kg2 Nxh3 27. Kxh3 Rxa6 28. b4 Kb8?! Black is still winning, but why not the to the point move 28…Rc6 or even 28…h5.

29. b5 Ra5 30. Ne2 Kc7 Preparing 31…Rha8. 30…Rc8! is also winning, of course.

31. Ra3 Rha8 32. Rea1 Nd7 33. Nc3 Nc5 34. Nd1 Rxa4



Here is Fytin Frank tangling with some Quebecer in the 1990s (he’s the one with his back to the camera). According to Frank, “1991 was my best year, beat Rind and Hebert back to back to win a 30 minute championship….then the kids came, etc”