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The Fabulous 00s: Understanding the Flying Phallus Attack

May 22, 2008

What did the Flying Phallus Portend?

The world (more than 300,000 views on YouTube) has now seen the startling flying phallus interrupting ex-World Champion Garry Kasparov’s political speech. However, for Westerners, we have unresolved questions – what was he talking about and what did he say after the phallus was punched out of the sky?

To answer, I turned to a Russian political commentator who, as a day job, works on computer systems.

He told me,

Kasparov was talking about respecting political opponents and increasing general political culture in Russia, when a plastic penis with balls constructed in a helicopter style flew across the room until it was shut down by his guard. Kasparov then went on to say that this is the face of the Kremlin leaders who offer this solution to the demographic problem in russia.

Gotta tell you, if Kasparov made his way to Kremlin, he would not be much different from Putin and Co.”

Strong words! Of course, on the video, I saw the device punched out of the sky (not shot) but let’s not quibble. Or, at the French say, “mais n’enculons pas les mouches.” I look forward to the next flying object situation in the chess world, it makes the 64 squares much more …. 3-dimensional.

What US Government Personnel Saw in Ecuador

When I alerted US Government personnel stationed in Ecuador about this incident, they went to the YouTube page, and there was a disclaimer: “This medium is UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Government Property.”  Then they were able to see the flying phallus.