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The Fabulous 90’s and 00’s: More Photos

January 31, 2008

Here I am playing white in Trinidad 1991 versus a Cuban IM. I think this is Marcel Martinez told me this is IM Jorge Armas, I might need reader’s help here. GM John Fedorowicz is watching. I guess Texaco was a sponsor. The game ended up drawn. The 4 Cuban IMs in this tournament were: Juan Borges (Cuban Champ), Jorge Armas (Cuban Champ), Wilfredo Sariego. and the oldest one of the group, Adelquis Remon. Unfortunately Mr. Remon passed away sometime in the 1990s. Fedorowicz wound up winning; Ilya Gurevich and I were not far behind. When I check on various online databases, none of the Trinidad 1991 games are included! I will have to post some so we can get some record of this funny event which included Kevin Denny (Barbados), and other scrappers.


IM Mark Ginsburg (white) versus a Cuban IM Jorge Armas in Trinidad 1991.  John Fedorowicz is seated next to the players.

And here is Jennie Frenklakh in Las Vegas, 2000. I am pretty sure this was in a little-known kareoke place behind Bally’s hotel.


NM Jennie Frenklakh, Las Vegas, 2000

And now here is dearly departed IM Richard Delaune (left) and GM Alex Ivanov on the right. I don’t know the tournament or year, but I would guess the World Open in the early 1990s.


IM Richard Delaune and GM Alexander Ivanov, World Open? 199x

And here is Patrick Wolff (white) versus Michael Rohde. I would guess either a World Open or a NY Open in the early 1990s.


Patrick Wolff (left, playing black) vs. Michael Rohde, somewhere, sometime.

A brief time warp back to the 80s:

Now for some good solid Soviet footage, let’s jump to GM Josif Dorman, I think this was the Berlin Summer Open 1989. It may have been the NY Open 1988, but the stage looks too nice, so I’ll go with Herr Seppelt’s Berlin Summer Open 1989. This tournament occurred just before the Berlin Wall fell in the fall of 1989.

GM Josif Dorfman (ex-CCCP) – Berlin Summer Open 1989

And what photo collection is complete without oil and gas billionaire, and former World Champion, Anatoly Karpov (pictured with his wife – “wife” is a placeholder; I don’t know her name) and TD Carol Jarecki at St. Maarten, May 1991).


Anatoly Karpov, his wife, and TD Carol Jarecki, St. Maarten, May 1991