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The Fabulous 00s: Where are they now

December 13, 2008

A nice chess personality (hint:  Tucson, female, retired from chess) from bygone days happens now to live in a cool house!


Whoah!  More like a “Dome” or a “Lair”.

I must credit the social network “Facebook” for this find.  Facebook as I recall used to be not so good. It has really improved!   Now I can keep up with the latest doings of Jessica Ambats, Ben Finegold, and Susan Polgar!  When I check on them, I locate other long-lost buddies – hence the dome find pictured above!  And Facebook is certainly more fun than “LinkedIn” which is occupied, to a large extent, by self-gratifying ego puffery passages.  Such as mine.  🙂  I am very talented at droning on and on about my Edgar-on-the-Internet development work or my academic information systems writings.  Borrrring.

In the next post, I will go back to the squares with Nakamura’s win over Vachier-Lagrave in the “Dlugy” Benko.  This variation was a subject of pre-computer study in the early 1990s when such players as Gennadi Sagalchik and Josh Waitzkin were active. 🙂

Let’s End the War in Iraq, Shall We?

Jolly good idea.  Let’s proceed, forthwith.   Maybe we need a little more than shoe tossing – but kudos to the brave soul who hurled his shoes.

“The brother of the journalist who hurled his shoes at President Bush
said his sibling’s actions were “spontaneous” and represented millions
of Iraqis who want to “humiliate the tyrant.” Dhirgham al-Zaidi
described his brother’s hatred for the “material American occupation”
and the “moral Iranian occupation.”  This guy was a real hero to take this action (resulting in his arrest) at a bla bla bla press conference!


Grandparents of Caylee Anthony bla bla bla

U.S. news is often so depressing.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the killer had help covering up the crime. This is as much a downer as the little kid who shot his dad and his dad’s friend dead in Arizona after the dad incomprehensibly showed him how to shoot guns.