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Top Prospect Female Member for ICC Located

November 15, 2008

Hot Prospect: ICC Act Now and Get Free Steak Knives

Second Life?  Laaaame.  World of Warcraft?  I don’t think so!   Have you ever experienced World of Warcraft?  Ugh!  It’s the most stultifying thing since Age of Empires!  Somebody get Amy Taylor to ICC.  This is one hot tamale the ICC does not want to pass up.  If ICC doesn’t act soon, we might lose her to Wii Fit!

She won’t have THIS heartbreak with Blitzin:

“Amy Taylor, 28, said she had caught husband David Pollard, 40, having sex with an animated woman.”

That isn’t going to happen with current versions of Blitzin.  Not sure about Dasher.

Unrelated:  Commentary on GM, Chrysler

There’s been a lot of talk about a US Government bailout of troubled domestic automobile manufacturers.  Bad news, a rogue chess master is the puppetmaster behind Chrysler.  But never mind that.  The fundamental problems, as I see them, are design, quality, and not competing well in small car markets.

Design: why on earth would any car company seriously consider making the Aztec? No wonder it sets the record for worst resale value.  Time magazine has a humorous article on this.  Holy Hell, indeed!   Note; foreign cars such as the Fiat Multiplia OCCASIONALLY look horrible too.

Quality:  a conservative friend of mine told me it’s patriotic to own a Jeep Liberty.  He has a PhD but I was not sure if he was kidding or not. Why is owning this car model patriotic? Because of its name?  The Liberty looks, and is, cheaply made.  The sounds of bolts rattling around is commonplace, no matter how much fun Jeep riders seem to be having in ads. The last time Dr. Liberty called me, he was at the junk yard scavenging spare parts to fix his door handle.  Turns out 6 months after he bought it, the cable snapped inside the passenger door.  Good luck, buddy.

Not Competing in Segments Consumers Want and Need

Can’t the U.S. companies compete vs Corollas and Camrys and Altimas?  They should be able to!  The Saturn had a lot of media hype but it turned out to have a bucket full of cheap parts too.   Toyotas have cheap looking parts too but they must hire magical pixies (with inferior hourly wage and inferior health plan and inferior pension) to give their cars much higher reliability.  Every time I see a behemoth Hummer or Escalade (typically housing one and only one “Army of One” – what’s their mission?) I wonder why we decided to target status-seekers to the exclusion of the majority (sensible) consumer segments.  Now the powers-that-be have discontinue Hummers.  That should have happened years ago! Amusing quote: “It was/is arrogantly huge, overtly militaristic, openly scornful of the common good. As a vehicle choice, the H2 was a spiteful reactionary riposte to notions that, you know, maybe we all shouldn’t be driving tanks that get 10 miles per gallon. Not surprisingly, the green-niks struck back. A Hummer dealership was torched in Southern California. The H2 was also a PR catastrophe for GM, who happened to be repossessing and crushing the few EV1 electric cars at the time. It all contributed to GM’s emerging image as the Dick Cheney of car companies.”   Was the militaristic look another red herring “Patriotism” angle? We have to admit, the notion of a Dick Cheney going broke is excellent – but not at such human cost.  Maybe the real Dick Cheney should hit the road, earn some endorsements and honoraria, and prop up his namesake company.

It can’t be that hard to compete with Corollas and Camrys!

Side-note:  during the Redskins-Cowboys game on 11/16/08, it was a little sad to see “Red Tag Sales” on “Legendary” (???) Escalades and other Cadillacs in this, the twilight of GM’s existence.  I am fairly shocked to see Rep. Pelosi advocating a bailout – throwing money into a money hole?  Pres-Elect Obama has a better idea, to restructure them first (or get a vision for the new strategy) before any Govdollars.

Digression 11/18/08: Cars and Homes?

From, “In 2006, GM sold 51% of GMAC to private-equity firm Cerberus Capital Management in an effort to unburden the finance arm from GM’s low credit ratings. GM’s junk status forced GMAC to pay higher rates to raise capital. In addition, the sale of the stake to Cerberus gave GM a much-needed $14 billion.

GMAC had moved away from a focus on auto finance and by 2005, mortgage lending and insurance accounted for 57% of its income.

In 2005, before the housing bubble burst, GMAC had originated $25.3 billion in subprime mortgages, making it the 11th largest firm in that field, according to rankings from trade publication Inside Mortgage Finance.

In 2006, subprime lending slipped 16%, but GMAC made a big push into so-called Alt. A loans, those made to borrowers who did not provide full documentation of their income. How was this allowed? That year, GMAC became the No. 3 lender in that field.

As the housing and mortgage markets crumbled, results turned south for GMAC as well. At the time of the Nov. 30, 2006 closing of the sale to Cerberus, GM had to refund about $1 billion to GMAC to restore capital that had evaporated during the eight months it took to close the deal”

How was an automotive credit corporation ever allowed to get into home mortgages?

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