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The Fabulous 00s: The Imploding USCF?

June 5, 2009

To Avoid the Unpleasantness

If you don’t want to get the feeling of having uncovered a rock to discover wriggling maggots, click here instead to read about FM Danny Rensch’s new Copper State International.

Is the USCF imploding?

From Elizabeth Vicary’s interview of USCF policy board candidate Mike Atkins,

“EV: So let’s start with the high drama question: give us your take on the lawsuits and the Polgar/ Truong vs. Rest of the Board conflict.

MA: The evidence that I have read about in the lawsuits seem to say that Truong was the fake Sam Sloan. It also seems pretty clear from the evidence suggested that Polgar, through her webmaster Alexander, accessed and posted confidential e-mails from the attorney representing people she had sued. Many laws and ethics have allegedly been violated and at the minimum, Polgar and Truong should be removed from the EB. Anyone who sues its own organization with the intent to destroy it should be forever removed from leadership. She has benefited greatly from the support of the USCF and her lawsuit has the effects of chopping off a hand that feeds her and this just doesn’t make sense to me. It seems like a cancer on US Chess that should be irradiated and removed. “

MG comments: I am not on anybody’s side in this, but it doesn’t add up.
I went to the Susan Polgar website and I saw plenty of blogs attacking mismanagement at the USCF, specifically Bill Goichberg’s management.  These attacks are normal and to be expected in the regular course of political maneuvering.  I just want to note in passing that Bill Goichberg has been providing norm opportunities for youngsters for more than 30 years now! But nowhere did I see a statement “we’re on the Executive Board and we’re suing ourselves, this does not make sense on the surface, but here’s how it makes sense.”  Because to me and Mike Atkins, it does not make sense.

I would like a Polgar/Truong blog entry specifically devoted to why they are suing themselves which, to all appearances, is an attempt to bankrupt and destroy the USCF.  Does anyone have an explanation?  I looked through the Polgar site and as I mentioned, did not see this. I did see a lot of anonymous blog comments supporting their attacks on USCF management but I didn’t see any explicit discussion of these nuclear bomb lawsuits (which, if successful, destroy the USCF, is that right?)  I did see an entry labeled “Fighting to Protect and Save the USCF” on the upper right with links to various lititgation documents…. instituting lawsuits does that?   Update:  a comment on this entry reveals that they aren’t trying to destroy, just trying to cease and desist or otherwise derail/divert the inquiry on the impersonation posting accusations.

In another section of that blog site, there is a caption Loss of memberships. Loss of revenues. Record frivolous spending. It’s politics as usual while the USCF is in serious financial trouble. Click on image for more details.”    This would be a good place to mention the multi-million dollar lawsuits lodged by USCF EB members Polgar and Truong against the USCF which certainly are not politics as usual, they go beyond that pale!   It’s 11 out of 10 on the aghast-o-meter.

Why has chess become so intermingled with lawsuits?  Lawsuits are one thing… but lawsuits against the USCF lodged by USCF Executive Board members?

I’m aghast at this whole thing; can any perspicacious reader offer insights on the strategic intent of the lawsuits (plural!) and what they want if they win and the USCF collapses? See comments!   Also in a rather humorous note, sexual adventurer Sam Sloan was actually rather effective when he was elected, outing a member of the USCF Ethics Committee (Robert Tanner) for rating manipulation! Nobody else would have put in the dogged detective work to expose Tanner’s absurd “campfire games” that were submitted to give Tanner the Life Master title.

For Something More Pleasant

The Victory Hammer 8-Ball Model

The Victory Hammer 8-Ball Model

The Victory is an unbelievably good motorycycle brand.  Belt-drive engine by Polartec (yes, the snowmobile company) – smooth, reliable, high torque, fat tires, very pleasant.  Just wanted to get away from Sam Sloans and fake Sam Sloans.

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