The Fabulous 2000s – Some Photos

The 2000s have been an action decade.

Here is an action photo taken at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business at the very dawn of the decade, 2000. I have business attire on yet something is unbusiness-like.


Moving ahead a little while (2001?), we have this tournament scene:


It looks like GM Walter Browne on the far left and if I’m not mistaken, the dearly departed IM (later GM) Igor Ivanov standing to his right. FM Ken Larson is sitting, and GM Roman Dzindzihashvili is standing to the right. I don’t know the identity of the demo board person, nor do I know where or when exactly this event took place. 🙂  I will hazard a guess of Las Vegas, NV for the time being.

A short while later we have one of my Harley rental outing on Maui, circa Jan 2000 (click on it to see the Sportster in more glorious detail):


I actually owned a Sportster 883 100th year anniversary edition in Tucson, Arizona – no snow or falling leaves to cause skid problems! The thing about Maui is that there’s a great ring road – cars get to loggerheads on the narrow bridges, but motorcycles can always pass through.

The photo collection wouldn’t be complete without an example of an exciting tournament location. Here is the eating hole next to the site of Milwaukee 2002, National G/30 Championship. Cluck!


Moving ahead 6 years, here I am at the 2006 US Championship in San Diego (where I finished at “minus one”) losing to Walter Browne yet again in the last round.


From left, we have Tatev Abrahamyan, Irina Zenyuk, Rusudan Goletiani, and Camille Baginskaite. I am the person in the back. Did you guess that? Not pictured is the only person I managed to defeat in the event, Vanessa West.

Rusudan wound up on the wrong end of a playoff for Top Women’s Prize with titleist Anna Zatonskih. We played in a strange format of an “A” and a “B” section.

Next up we have the late IM Victor Frias (towel on face) and John Fedorowicz (flying) engaged in some sort of activity.


The exact year, location, and photographer of this wondrous tableau is, as of this writing, unknown. I am sure I will get some more details on this later.

If you liked this, try the 1990s photos.

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