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The Fabulous 90s and 00s: US Championship Photos and More from John Henderson

February 8, 2008

Here are some good photos from John Henderson‘s photo gallery from various US Championships.

First we have GM Yasser Seirawan from the 1994 version.


Yasser Seirawan, 1994


Yelena Gorlin, US Championship, year = ?


Elena Groberman, US Championship, year = ?

And now, a brief departure from US Championships – just because he’s a cool player – we present GM Valery Salov! Salov is known for his frothy political writings, but he has played many impressive and sharp games in his chess career. I am not sure where this picture was taken.


GM Valery Salov, at some point in the 1990s (?)


Nick De Firmian with a Fischeresque outfit, US Championship, 1990s (?)


NM Jennie Frenklakh, US Championship, 1998.  Another photo here.


 Future GM Tal Shaked, US Championship 199x (?)